Computers and Society

People have come to depend on computers and technology for almost every aspect of their lives, and there is hardly anything that is not impacted by their functionality.

Let’s look at some of the things that we have in common with computers. You will be able to identify and relate to the uses which we all tend to accomplish on our computers.

People love to play video games on their computers more than anything else, and proof of this is that almost every single pc out there has games on them. They can also be online, where millions and millions of people play together every day.

Get online and see how many games are out there that involve playing with other people. You will be amazed at how awesome and engaging playing live games with people can be. You will be joined by millions of other users in games that cover almost every interest and category.

Social networking is something else that is a product of computer technology, and it is changing how the world stays in touch. You can do things never before possible, like share pictures and movies, along with writing notes and stories with people in real time from all over the globe.

Looking for a particular song or obscure film? The internet is the place to find it, instantly and effortlessly. No more going to the video store in the middle of the night, because you can search, download and watch or listen to your favorite music or videos in real time without having to do anything.

How we do business is changing because of the computer as well. Can you think of anything that hasn’t been effected by technology? How we earn and spend money, shop, learn and even travel has been impacted by computers and the world relies heavily on them to get the job done.

Lastly, the computer makes it possible for you to talk to almost anyone on the planet for free from the comfort of your home. It has completely revolutionized how we stay in touch, and the options that we have in order to do so. From online phone calls to video conferencing, communicating now is not like it was when we had to make phone calls or write letters.

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